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Unfortunately, as many are struggling in those uncertain times, I no longer can effort to put resources and time into the History of Geology blog and associated media, risking shutting them down indefinitely after 10 years of free info and news.

If you enjoy or find my content useful, I would ask for temporary support to keep running the blog. The donations will cover basic costs like internet connection and software needed to run the blog and associated media channels.

As a little thank you, all 1 Euro or more supporters providing their e-mail by a one-time PayPal-donation will receive a newsletter at the end of the month (beginning with March) with additional content to my public writings.

Supporters over 10 Euros will enter a lottery at the end of the month (beginning with March) with the chance to win a geology book or a mineral/fossil specimen and getting it shipped to them.

Please include an e-mail in the PayPal notification where you want to get the newsletter sent & for contact in case you win a prize. If you want to retract your donation, I will reclaim any money sent only after 5 days.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

David Bressan.

Autor: David Bressan

Bressan-Geoconsult bietet geologische Dienste im Alpenraum an, mit Schwerpunkt auf geologische Kartierung, Betreuung von Bohrungen, Quartärgeologie, Hydrogeologie und Baugeologie. Kontakt: